Receive Sms Online Free


If you don't want your phone number to receive thousands of spam messages, your phone number is blocked in a certain country, or you just want to anonymize your phone number? SMSer will help you do all that for you for free. With SMSer you can receive messages from Facebook, TELEGRAM, WECHAT, VK etc

How to work

Our tools are designed with minimal language in mind. This design makes it easy for users of all ages to use.

Step 1: Just choose a phone number from our available list.

Step 2: Please click "Receive SMS" button. After clicking here, a list of notifications will appear. These lists are sorted in the most recent order. The messages at the top are the most recent.


  • Everyone things can read your messages.
  • The phone number you have used may or may not be lost.
  • You cannot delete messages, they will be lost when the phone number is taken down
  • No one will ever know the true owner of the messages, not even us.