Activations (3 simple steps)

Receive Sms Online - Temporary phone number

The Free Receive SMS Online Tool grants temporary numbers to users for free, enabling private, secure text message reception that self-destructs post-use, leaving no trace. Utilizing this tool’s fleeting phone numbers to shield accounts during online sign-ups proactively locks in privacy before exposing personal data.

FREE and VIP phone numbers to suit your needs
More than 180 countries — we are constantly expanding our geography
Numbers for 700+ sites and applications
Usage is extremely simple
  1. Select the desired country and service.
  2. Copy the phone number and use it to register an account.
  3. Wait for the OTP confirmation SMS.
# code message


    Automatic refund when the phone number does not receive the OTP code.
    : cancel the phone number.
    : get one more confirmation code (free)
    : finish
# service phone number

I. Features and benefits of using Smser

1. Receive SMS For Free:

To receive sms you need to spend a small amount of money to own a phone sim. This is a waste when you only need to receive the message once or twice. Try our tool because it's completely free

2. SMS receiving speed

The speed of receiving messages is almost instant, we know "time is gold". Try to use it and experience it

3. User identity security

We do not store any user information, messages will also be deleted after 7 days. This ensures maximum user identity.

4. Updated frequently

Each phone number will have a period of use, at some point certain phone numbers will be duplicated between different services. Therefore, we will update and replace the phone number regularly, so that users can receive messages in a more optimal way.

II. Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Will everyone see the text of the message?

Yes, everyone sees the message, which makes for the highest security. Even we don't know who the real owner of the message is

Do I need to register to use a phone number?

No, you don't need to do anything. Just select the temporary phone number you want and wait for your message to arrive

Can I send a message?

Unfortunately this can't be done right now, but it will definitely be possible in the future updates.

Can I delete the message immediately?

Unfortunately this is not possible, messages are automatically deleted after 7 days. Maybe we will provide this feature in future updates